NXS Mining Pool

Frequently Asked Questions

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By providing a new and free, decentralized internet, people across the world will be connected in ways that will encourage transparency, freedom, and prosperity.
This pool ONLY accomodates CPU Pool mining. You can solo mine via CPU or GPU. There are currently no functional GPU pools.
Every block the pool mines allows the pool to pay the miners. However on average the block reward is about 17NXS. This means that it can't possibly pay out everyone's current balance. The pool tries to pay as many miners as it can every time a block is found. It does prioritize the highest balances first so this means that you may not see a payment every time we find a block. This is a function of the underlying pool software and all NXS pools function in the same manner.
Yes, the pool fee is 1%.
This is merely your wallet address that you started your miner with. Enter that into the search field and it'll show you the statistics for that address. Do *NOT* mine to an exchange address (ie Bittrex). Right now the network doesn't provide enough info for the exchange to credit you for any payments from mining.